Hy-Grade Specialty Service: Mouldings

We have been manufacturing solid wood mouldings since 1927 for several industries across Canada. Today we run over 1 million Lineal Feet of moulding per year with continued success using our full line up of the most up to date Weinig Solid Wood Processing equipment.

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Hy-Grade Specialty Service: Architectural Millwork

Hy-Grade has been manufacturing quality Architectural Millwork since 1927. Since then Hy-Grade has created a solid reputation for quality in its Millwork products.

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Decorative Millwork Photo

Hy-Grade Specialty Service: Custom Cut, Edge Banding, Drilling, Dowelling

This is Hy-Grades newest offering. There is a large demand for Cabinet Shops to have their material machined so they receive it in a knock down form that is ready to assemble at their plant.

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Custom Cut, Edge Banding, Drilling, Dowelling

Hy-Grade Specialty Service: Home Builders & Owners

Hy-Grade Millwork is your one stop shop for several components needed to complete your projects. We offer many solid wood items that are used throughout new and old homes.

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Decorative Millwork Photo

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Who is Hy-Grade Millwork

At Hy-Grade Millwork we are committed to being your first choice for exceptional millwork products. Our mission is to provide all of our customers with the finest quality millwork products, competitive pricing, and timely service.

With Hy-Grade Millwork, you no longer have to spend valuable time shopping around for the quality millwork products that your projects and clients demand. Hy-Grade Millwork is your one-stop specialty millwork provider.

Mouldings 1:1 Profiles

Our most popular profiles are arranged in PDF libraries by general categories for your convenient previewing, downloading & printing.

Every profile PDF is produced at an exact 1:1 ratio for accurate demonstration when printed.

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